Ethical Value's crowd funding campaign to create Global Online Ethical Business Community

Ethical Value is taking an innovative approach to educate and support businesses when it comes to ethics and corporate responsibility by taking dialogues into proactive action.


In order for the Ethical Value platform to be created a crowdfunding campaign has been launched to raise the seed funding of £15,000. Ethical Value strongly believes businesses that recognise their people to be the core to their success are the ones that will excel and survive.


Taking this approach will allow businesses to rebuild trust with consumers and their employees, in turn the wider community.  The Ethical Value platform aims to provide a voice to both consumers and employees to air their concerns of products, services and corporate activities because they understand that EVERYONE matters!! Businesses will be invited to answer their questions transparently, holding them accountable to take action.  Ethical Value is here to support and guide businesses to align their values and ethics to their audience.


Deap Khambay, founder of Ethical Values, commented, “We are building a global online community bringing like-minded people and business leaders together to discuss, connect and collaborate to transform businesses to become more fair, authentic, transparent and accountable.

“We will be including things like well-established business leaders sharing their views on ethical leadership, entrepreneurs sharing their stories of challenges and overcoming to motivate people in similar circumstances, showing resources, tools and services to help transform business cultures, and facilitating conversations.”

There is wide spread evidence that embedding ethics into a business does benefit the organisations return of investment.  One example of its key value is through Ecclesiastical insight that found corporate businesses in the UK and US have wasted $150 billion (£88.5bn) over the past five years because of a widespread breakdown in business ethics.


The £15,000 is needed for research and development, building the platform and marketing resources, on the success of the campaign the forum will be up and running towards the end of autumn.


Deap has dedicated the last three years into developing this new concept, investigating the most effective ways to sustain trust, improve business strategy and engagement preventing unethical behaviour. It is hoped that the network will provide businesses with a path towards a better culture based on ethical values.


The campaign aims to raise the full £15,000 by October 5th, to learn more and contribute to this much needed project click here

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10 Sep 2014

By Ethical Value