Enter the Permaculture Photography Competition and Win a week’s holiday for two!

Would you like to win a week's holiday for two in a french eco barn?  Enter the Permaculture Photography Competition by sending them your permaculture photographs that illustrate any of permaculture's principles or that show permaculture in action, and you’ll be in with a chance!

The Prize

The week's holiday for two  will be in Stuart and Gabrielle Anderson's eco barn renovation in France (as seen in Permaculture magazine PM83), to be taken before 30th June 2016 (excluding the peak season of July and August). This prize also includes a free course such as scything, soap or sausage making.  Plus, Stuart and Gabrielle are offering a 10% discount on stays for everyone who enters.

So, what type of images are they looking for?

They are seeking images that can help take permaculture to new audiences, to reframe how permaculture is seen and whom it can appeal too.


They have to be high quality, publishable images that  show permaculture in action - such as the new front cover of Permaculture 83 for example (see photos) which is an inspiring photograph by Susannah Hall that features the London Permablitz team planting a raised bed at the Glyndon Bloom and Berry Garden, Greenwich - or something that illustrates any of permaculture's twelve principles:


Observe and Interact; Catch and Store Energy; Obtain a yield; Apply Self Regulation and Accept Feedback; Use and Value Renewable Resources and Services; Produce No Waste; Design From Patterns to Details; Integrate Rather Than Segregate; Use Small and Slow Solutions; Use and Value Diversity; Use Edges and Value the Marginal and Creatively Use and Respond to Change.


You may wish to present something that captures an element of Earth Care, People Care or Fair Shares, you may have something that is more artistic, more of an edge, they’re interested in those too.  See Maddy Harland's 'What Is Permaculture?' article in the new issue, Permaculture 83, if you are looking for further inspiration.


Permaculture magazine are always on the look out for positive images that promote permaculture globally. So, if they go on to use one of your images in the magazine, on their website, or even on the front cover of the magazine they will be offering further prizes on books and visits to meet the team at the Sustainability Centre.


Plus, they will also present a short list of entries to the team at the Permaculture Calendar for consideration in their annual publication.


Send your entries to: competitions@permaculture.co.uk.  Closing date Monday 30th March 2015. For full terms & conditions see www.permaculture.co.uk/competitions.  Photographs must be at least 1MB in size and preferably larger. To send them in use: www.hightail.com/u/Permaculture


The winners will be announced in PM84.

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