Ecocide - what happens next is up to us.

Come help mobilise a law of Ecocide.  Make history, join Polly Higgins the legal expert on the law of Ecocide and be part of the growing local and global community.


The concept of Ecocide has been around since the 1970s. Making Ecocide a Crime Against Peace was examined within the UN for decades throughout the 1970s – 1990s. It was shelved last minute in 1996 without being put to the vote and despite a number of countries objecting to its exclusion. Ecocide really is the missing 5th Crime Against Peace. However, there are ten countries who believe that Ecocide is a crime and implemented laws in their own countries to prevent it.


Ecocide is the extensive damage or destruction of ecosystems in a given territory, to such an extent that the survival of all its inhabitants is endangered. Ecocide amounts to the systematic killing of our planet, which equates to the systematic killing of humanity.


A day of global & local direct action planning:

The Ecocide Law Day of Action is being filmed for the documentary Facing Crossroads – your voice counts.  The project seeks to harness the power of human choice in an interactive film that asks citizens of the earth to decide: should ecocide be a crime against peace?

We aim to engage the audience members in the story of ecocide.  Stroud is one of the communities being filmed as the world follows. Lets put Ecocide law on the world map. People from across the world shall be joining us, both online and in person. Everyone is a participant.


You can attend in person at Lansdown Hall, Stroud, Gloucestershire, UK, GL5 1BB or view the world livestream on the day online at


If you are able to attend in person, the event is free, but do make sure you reserve your place by emailing us as


The Programme: 


The event is a World Cafe process where everyone who attends has a voice. The common intent is to come together to enter into a deeper enquiry – to explore and create the pathways for a law of Ecocide to be tabled as an international law in 2015.


10 am Welcome, opening intros, EcoLivestream goes live
10.05 Voice 1: Facing Crossroads team
10.10 -> 10.40 Polly on Ecocide Law, 1 year mobilization & the global team
10.40 Voice 2
10.45 -> 11.15 World Cafe & Peg-points
11.15 -> 11.35 coffee break
11.35 Voice 3 David Dene, Voice for Ecocide El Rio De Aguas Spain
11.40 -> 12.20 World Cafe
12.20 -> 12.35 Feedback
12.35 -> 12.50 Polly Q&A
12.50 -> 1.30 Lunch
1.30 Voice 4: Team
1.35 -> 2.00 World Cafe
2.00 -> 2.35 Harvesting (Voices in the room + online)
2.35 Voice 5: Ecolibrium Team
2.40 -> 2.50 Global input reporting in
2.50 -> 3.15 Local input reporting in
3.15 -> 3.30 Closing space & key forum groups


Date: 6 September 2014
Place: Lansdown Hall, Stroud, Gloucestershire, UK, GL5 1BB

Time: UK 10 am – 3.30pm / Brisbane: 7pm – 0.30am / New York: 5am – 10.30am /Costa Rica: 3am – 8.30am

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01 Sep 2014

By Eradicating Ecocide