Because every sole deserves a little pleasure!

London-based sustainable shoe brand Po-Zu have just released a new video campaign in time for Christmas, which takes the experience of their unique Foot-Mattress™ to a new climax!  Who would have thought they would have the audacity to come up with something even saucier then their Edible Shoe Cream?!

Sven Segal, Po-Zu’s Founder and Designer who also stars in the video, says: “We were excited by the ethical message behind our campaign strapline – Because every sole deserves a little pleasure – a reminder that pleasure is a basic human right and one which is worth spreading”.

The film was made by London-based design studio Blueski, and directed by Gerard McDonagh.

Po-Zu is an award-winning, ethical shoe brand. Po-Zu shoes are made using carefully selected natural materials that are healthy for feet, safe for all the workers throughout their supply chain, and kind to the environment.

In order to provide exceptional comfort, Po-Zu has applied a unique biomimicry design into its bouncy Foot-Mattress™, based on the coconut husk’s natural shock-absorber property. Their well-considered shoe construction also eliminates the need to use harmful glues by hand stitching all the components together, which makes their shoes more breathable, durable, repairable and recyclable.

Po-Zu runs small-scale production lines in partnership with their Portuguese factory, which upholds a strict nontoxic policy, operates on 72% renewable energy, and recycles over 95% of their industrial waste.

As part of its sustainable strategy, Po-Zu donates 3% from every online sale to four environmental charity partners; The Resurgence Trust, Earth Community Trust, Pesticide Acton Network UK and Environmental Justice Foundation.   Po-Zu is also certified by the Ethical Company Organization as a company upholding human rights, animal welfare and the environment.

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25 Nov 2014

By Po-Zu