Award Winning Organic Extra Virgin Sunshine (Organic Coconut Oil!) from Suma

Here at Suma we are buzzing at the news that we have just received a cool award for one of our newest products. Our Organic Coconut Oil has just won in the Best Food and Drink category in the product awards in Organic and Natural Business magazine.


We’re particularly proud of this product, proud of its story and delighted to have it recognised by Organic and Natural Business.


This product was a long time in the pipeline, we wanted it to be something special and are delighted that it has done so well. The coconut oil is 100% pure and organic too, it also has strong ethical credentials, which are important to us.


The coconut oil comes from The Philippines, where for decades, many farmers have been locked in poverty due to low ‘copra’ (dried coconut) market value. Copra is a worldwide traded commodity and small farmer producers can suffer dangerous losses during low market-value periods.


Our production process starts close to the harvest; this means that value is added to the product before it leaves the area, creating sustainable re-investment opportunities for the local producers.


The scheme has grown from an initial 5 to 160+ organic certified farms within the same region. The organisation that Suma buy from has been in operation for 7 years, successfully establishing a sustainable, community-oriented business within the very competitive coconut industry.


More than 80% of their production is for customer pre-orders therefore reducing bulk storage costs & market price risk. Only coconuts grown using organic farming methods are used. This ensures no nasty chemicals are used and also promotes community growth due to the focus on sustainable and natural farming methods.


Ethically sourced, freshly harvested and pressed within 48 hours of picking, you’ll feel like you’re walking on sunshine!


Available in all good independent food shops, to find your local Suma stockist, please call 01422 313645.

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16 Feb 2015

By Suma