0333 Numbers Are Coming to Space Air

Space Airconditioning plc, is Europe's largest independent Daikin distributor, with offices in Guildford, Bristol, Birmingham, Leeds and Manchester. They have announced their new 0333 numbers which cost the same as normal local calls.

What are 0333 Numbers?

The 03 numbering range, including 0333 numbers, was introduced during 2007.  0333 numbers and all other numbers starting with 03 are standard landline rate numbers used by businesses, government and other organisations.  Using 03 numbers instead of area-specific local landline numbers gives companies more flexibility in handling incoming calls but does not cost the caller any extra.

0333 Number Call Costs

The cost to call 0333 numbers is the same as calling a normal local or national landline.  If your tariff or call package offers free or inclusive calls to landlines, numbers starting with 03 will be included in the exact same way.


Our New Numbers

0333 0069 750 - Guildford (HQ)

0333 0069 751 - Bristol

0333 0069 752 - Midlands

0333 0069 753 - North

0333 0069 755 - Marketing

0333 0063 771 - Space Air Solutions


Note: All existing numbers remain in place


Space Airconditioning plc, holds registration under the environmental standard ISO14001:2004, in the unique category of "Distributors of air conditioning equipment and manufacture of ancillary components". 


Space Air Solutions Limited is the dedicated residential division of Space Airconditioning plc — Daikin Europe’s only independent distributor in the UK. Supplying ‘the complete’ Daikin Altherma air-to-water heat pump range from 5kW ~ 45kW, from single homes to apartment buildings, including all ancillary components and literature produced with the residential consumer in mind.


Space Air are proud of their award winning status and excellent customer services technical expertise. Space Air are fully MSC accredited.


For more information call us on 0333 0069 755, email enquiries@spaceair.co.uk, visit www.spaceair.co.uk & follow us on Twitter @SpaceAircon

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15 Jan 2015

By Space Air